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Efficient organic waste disposal machine

                 --- Highly efficient organic waste processor (LHT-150)

    This product is Zhejiang Hongtao Machinery Co., Ltd. independent research and development of a new generation of efficient organic waste disposal machine, by the electric lift system, garbage crushing system, electric heating decomposition fermentation system, automatic discharge system, air purification system, dosing system and other components.

    This product daily processing capacity of about 1 cubic litter, for street villages and towns and other small garbage disposal station. Low energy consumption, the maximum power of about 12.5KW, energy saving and environmental protection. Easy to operate, only an operator to complete the whole process.

    This product can work at high temperatures. Compact structure, small footprint (Dimensions: 3000X2350X2700mm). Suitable for the treatment of construction waste, metal plastic, glass products, all the garbage outside the biological treatment, 6-8 hours to the original garbage can be converted into green organic fertilizer, high utilization of resources, the full realization of the garbage Of the reduction, harmless, resource requirements.

    Related Advisory Contact - Hanjing Li: 18857518718

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